In connection with the increase in the number of patients with a Corona infection, there are new procedures from the GP and the GP service for potentially infected patients in the Delfland, Westland, Oostland and Nieuwe Waterweg Noord regions.

Mild complaints
For you as a patient, it is not necessary to call your doctor for mild complaints of a cold and fever, you can just stay at home and get sick.

Serious complaints
If you have serious complaints or are unsure about this, please contact the GP or GP post by telephone. Do not go to the practice or the GP post without an appointment. The GP determines whether it is necessary that further research be done with you. The investigations take place at central locations. You will hear from your GP where and when you can go.

Why this measure?
Through treatment in a central location, we use the protective clothing that GPs wear as efficiently as possible. We also limit the risk of contamination of patients in general practices and out-patient centers.

Where should I go with a health complaint?
You always call your own doctor first or during the evenings, nights and weekends the GP post. This is not necessary for mild complaints of a cold and fever. The general practitioner or the GP staff member will let you know what to do.

More information?
Click here for more information about the Coronavirus.

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