Summer holiday

From saturday 17 July until sunday 8 August our practice will be closed due to a holiday.

During office hours you can contact the following locum GP’s in case of urgent medical matters:

  • if your last name starts with the letter A to G:

  • if your last name starts with the letter N to Z:

dr. Tussenbroek
Beukenlaan 4a
015 – 212 16 62

After 17:00 uur and in the weekends, please contact the Huisartsenpost Delft, at phonenumber 015 – 251 19 30.


Vaccination with AstraZeneca-vaccin in our practise

Our practice will also help with the vaccination. Last week we ordered the vaccines. The patients we can invite for the first round of vaccination are:

  • People born in 1956 and 1957
  • People from 18 to 75 years old with Down syndrome
  • People from 18 to 75 years old with a BMI of 40 or higher

The vaccination data for these people are Tuesday evening April 6 (first vaccination) and Tuesday evening June 22nd (second vaccination)

In the coming days you will receive an invitation by mail with the necessary additional information.

We do not know when other patients will be vaccinated. That is determined by the government.

We also do not determine which vaccine you will receive. The government decides that.

More information about COVID-19 can be found at:


In connection with the increase in the number of patients with a Corona infection, there are new procedures from the GP and the GP service for potentially infected patients in the Delfland, Westland, Oostland and Nieuwe Waterweg Noord regions.

Mild complaints
For you as a patient, it is not necessary to call your doctor for mild complaints of a cold and fever, you can just stay at home and get sick.

Serious complaints
If you have serious complaints or are unsure about this, please contact the GP or GP post by telephone. Do not go to the practice or the GP post without an appointment. The GP determines whether it is necessary that further research be done with you. The investigations take place at central locations. You will hear from your GP where and when you can go.

Why this measure?
Through treatment in a central location, we use the protective clothing that GPs wear as efficiently as possible. We also limit the risk of contamination of patients in general practices and out-patient centers.

Where should I go with a health complaint?
You always call your own doctor first or during the evenings, nights and weekends the GP post. This is not necessary for mild complaints of a cold and fever. The general practitioner or the GP staff member will let you know what to do.

More information?
Click here for more information about the Coronavirus.

Corona infection in Delft

A patient from Delft has been tested positive for the Corona virus. This can raise questions with you; you may have been in contact with this person.

At the moment it can be very busy on the phone. We request that you first look at for information. You can read information on the “New corona virus [in Dutch]” and “I want to prevent me from getting the new corona virus [in Dutch].”

  • Do you have a fever (38 degrees or higher) and
  • cough or shortness of breath and
  • have you been in a risk area or have been in contact with a proven infected person?

Please contact us by telephone, our telephone number is 015 – 213 13 13.

We expressly request people with these symptoms not to visit the practice.

If you have general or practical questions regarding the corona virus, please contact the national information number 0800-1351. More information is also available at

Photo by Tim Gouw from Pexels

Practice closed due to Christmas holidays

From saturday 1 until sunday 9 January our practice will be closed due to a holiday.

During office hours you can contact the following locum GP’s in case of urgent medical matters:

  • if your last name starts with the letter A to G:
  • if your last name starts with the letter H to O:

dr. Tussenbroek
Beukenlaan 4a
015 – 212 16 62

  • if your last name starts with the letter H to Z:

After 17:00 uur and in the weekends, please contact the Huisartsenpost Delft, at phonenumber 015 – 251 19 30.

Nienke Franse is our new practice assistent for mental healthcare

I have been working as a practice assistent for mental healthcare at Beukenlaan 4 since February 2019.

I see patients with mild psychological problems or psycho-social problems. I studied psychology at the University in Leiden and Amsterdam, with a specialization in communication about lifestyle change within the GP practice.

After I have worked in reintegration services for a while, I now take the step towards care. Delft is not unknown to me, during my student days I lived there and I worked at the Beestenmarkt in a café.

At the moment I live in Rotterdam. I am present on Monday, Wednesday (every other week), Thursday and Friday.


The OWee is the way to enter your student life!

The OWee is the Welcome Week for all students studying in Delft. In five days, you will learn everything you need for a successful student time!

A nice and cozy period at the start of your study time. Often with alcohol. Look for the effects of alcohol on your health and tips at

Finish an antibiotics cure or not?

There is a lot of media attention for an article by British doctors, stating that finishing an antibiotic cure would not always be needed. However, the general advice to complete a cure still applies in the Netherlands.

In comparison with other countries, the Netherlands is economical with antibiotics and doctors will prescribe as short a cure as possible. There is no evidence that shorter cures are better.

Whether you can stop antibiotics earlier depends on your situation, which antibiotics you have and what infection. Therefore, always consult us if you are considering this.

Source: Dutch College of General Practitioners, July 28, 2017

High temperatures this week!

What can I do in hot weather?

– Drink enough
Make sure you drink enough, even if you are not thirsty. Do you urinate less than you normally do? Or is your urine dark yellow? Then you can drink some extra. Drink little alcohol.
Take a bottle of water if you go for a couple of hours.

– Keep yourself cool
Wear thin clothes. Stay in the shadow. Take a (feet) bath or shower. Or occasionally take a cool wet towel in your neck. Sleep under a thin blanket.

– Protect yourself from sunshine with sunscreen, sunglasses, light clothing and a cap or hat. Sunscreen does not protect against heat.

– Limit physical exercise in the afternoon. Take advantage of the cooler morning and evening for your groceries, hikes or sports.

– Keep your house cool
Prevent warming of your home with blinds, a fan or, if you have, air conditioning. Provide ventilation by keeping the ventilation grates open or opening windows. Make it cooler in the morning or in the evening by opening windows and doors to fresh air.

Who is at risk of heat?

On very hot days the following people run more risk:

– people over 65 years old

– children under the age of 15, especially babies and toddlers

– People with a chronic condition such as diabetes mellitus, heart or lung disease.

– People with overweight

– People who use certain medicines, drink a lot of alcohol or use drugs

– Mentally challenged people

– People with a bad physical condition

How does dehydration / heat stroke develop?

When it’s hot, the body loses moisture by sweating. The body cools itself.

If you lose more moisture than you drink, your body eventually has too little moisture to evaporate. This increases the temperature in your body.

When exerted, the temperature may also increase. This is because the muscles make more heat than the skin can emit by sweating.

Due to insufficient moisture in the body, the skin of the trunk, arms and legs is not well bled. They then become pale and stop sweating. The body temperature is then higher. That is dangerous.

If this happens in the sun, we call it a sunstroke. Someone with a sunstroke is too hot and too dry.

The combination of drying and overheating can be dangerous. It is called a heat stroke.

Online appointments

As of today it is possible to make online an appointment with your doctor through our website.

You can click at the bottom on the icon.

This can be done every workingday, evenings and the weekends!

If you have a question, you are not sure whether you should come or the complaint is urgent, please always call with the practice.

We hope to improve accessibility and provide you with better service.