Medical declarations


The KNMG federation represents the interests of more than 59,000 physicians and medical students (click here for more information on the Royal Dutch Medical Association).

The Royal Dutch Medical Association is committed to the quality of professional practice and public health. Results of these efforts include conduct for physicians, the checklist, Support and Consultation on Euthanasia in the Netherlands (SCEN) and guidance such as confidentiality and police / justice.

Position KNMG on medical declarations

The Royal Dutch Medical Association has the position that emits a doctor not statements of a private patient, he / she gives an opinion on the (medical) ability or inability of a patient to certain things or not do. Examples thereof are:

  • someone capable of working
  • someone able to drive a car
  • someone able to go to school
  • someone to care for children in state property
  • is right to cancel a trip
  • someone entitled to a parking permit
  • Someone right to adequate housing

According KNMG such statements can only be issued by an independent physician. The independent doctor can make their own assessment of the situation. The independent doctor can, with the patient’s consent, information from the treating physician.

Refusal Letter

To explain why patients the doctor has no explanation issuing the Royal Dutch Medical Association drafted the so-called Royal Dutch Medical Association Rejection Letter.

This refusal letter is available in four languages, Dutch, English, Turkish and Moroccan.

The refusal letter is annexed to the Directive on handling medical data points. More information can be found in the file Patient Rights (only in Dutch).

Click here to see the Royal Dutch Medical Association Rejection Letter.