Welcome to the website of Baecke & Nobel, GP's in Delft.

You can call us or use MijnGezondheid.net to make an appointment.

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The pandemic with the corona virus is entering a new phase.

Wearing a mouth mask is mandatory for your and our health.

We work differently than before to slow down the spread of the virus.

  • We have to keep the practice as empty as possible.
    • We ask you to arrive exactly at the specified time, neither too early nor too late.
    • We also ask you to come without a companion if possible.
  • People with respiratory complaints are absolutely not allowed to come to the practice.
  • You can call us or request an e-consultation via MijnGezondheid.net for all your health questions.
  • We will try to provide as much care as possible by telephone and the e-consultation at MijnGezondheid.net.
  • Making appointments online is currently not possible.

If you have general or practical questions regarding the coronavirus, please contact the national information number


More information can also be found at rijksoverheid.nl/coronavirus.