Restarting regular GP work

The pandemic with the corona virus is entering a new phase.

We are going to slowly start normal GP work again.

Thank you for all your understanding that we have experienced in recent weeks.

Work differently

To slow down the spread of the virus, we work differently than before.

  • We must keep the practice space as empty as possible.
  • People with respiratory complaints should absolutely not come to the practice.
  • The door is closed, you cannot just walk in .
  • You may call any of your health questions.

We will try to provide as much care as possible by telephone and email.

The chronic care of Vivian Remmig and psychological care of Nienke French will almost only take place by phone.

We will arrange notes, recipes and references by email as much as possible.


If it is necessary to examine you in practice, you will receive an appointment on the same day.

  • We ask you to arrive exactly at the time indicated, not too early and not too late.
  • We also ask you to come without a guide if possible.
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