Flu vaccination

What does the flu vaccination do?

The flu vaccination is the best protection against flu. The flu vaccination ensures that your body develops antibodies against the flu virus. Two weeks after having the flu vaccination, you will have enough antibodies.

Location and time

The flu vaccination for patients of the Baecke & Nobel general practice takes place in the Beukenlaan 4.

note: you are grouped by the first letter of your surname

October 7
October 14
A to C17:00-17:30L to O17:00-17:30
D to G17:45-18:15P to S17:45-18:15
H to K19:30-19:00T to Z19:30-19:00

Your doctor will take measures against the corona virus. It is therefore safe to come to the practice.

You can help:

  • Stay at home and make a new appointment if you have 1 or more of these complaints:
    • Common cold
    • Sore throat
    • sneezing
    • Coughing
    • Suddenly tired
    • No longer being able to smell or taste
    • Fever
  • Keep 1.5 meters away from others
  • We kindly request that you wear a facemask

We also ask that you take the following into account:

  • Take the letter you received with you.
  • You will receive the flu shot in your upper arm. Therefore, wear clothes where you can easily expose your upper arm.

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