Influenza vaccination 2018

Influenza vaccination for patients of GP Practice Baecke & Nobel
takes place on the general practice Beukenlaan 4, Delft

Wednesday, 3 October from 15:30-17:00


Tuesday, 9 October from 16:30-18:00

People aged 60 and older and people of any age with a chronic disease such as lung, kidney, cardiovascular disease or diabetes are at greater risk of getting complications during flu by influenza virus. To increase the resistance to the flu can get a vaccination (flu jab). Vaccination helps against the real flu (influenza) and not against the common cold.

Invitations were sent late September 2017. Do you think yourself to be eligible for influenza vaccination but have not received an invitation, please consult the assistant.

If you are not using the flu vaccine, please return the invitation no later than October 6, 2017 to the assistant . You can pass this through the email address:

For more information about seasonal flu, please visit the site of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) at

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